NERF Rival Hades XVIII 6000 Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Over the years, the world of NERF blasters has evolved quite a bit, with better and more sophisticated blaster systems being released on a regular basis.

The Nerf Rival Hades XVIII 6000 has just shot up a notch. Doubling the capacity of the Artemis, the Nerf Rival Hades has taken the market by storm, especially since it offers a similar performance to the Artemis.

This blaster is larger than normal and therefore targets only a specific group of people, namely those who have the play style for which it is suitable. This target group is mostly adults and older people. Here is a brief overview.

NERF Rival Hades Features and Overview

The Nerf Rival Hades is the perfect choice for those looking for an outstanding Nerf blaster. The trigger lock and tactical rail provide a safe and reliable mechanism, while the capacity of 60 shots ensures that you can have a lot of fun with your friends.

It’s also easy to modify with its black plates, which makes it even more versatile. This blaster is also quite durable, with its solid construction and rear handle that is comfortable to hold. All in all, this blaster is a great choice for anyone looking for an excellent Nerf blaster that can be used in a variety of situations.

DesignSleek, black and orange color scheme
BuildSturdy plastic construction, well-made
Weight4.4 pounds
Firing MechanismSpring-powered
CapacityUp to 60 rounds
AmmoCompatible with NERF Rival round foam balls
AccuracyImpressive shoots up to 80 feet with precision
RangeUp to 80 feet
AccessoriesCompatible with NERF Rival scopes, grips, and other accessories
PriceThe higher end of the NERF Rival blaster range

Design and Quality

The Nerf Rival Hades XVIII -6000 is a sleek and stylish blaster with solid construction. The weapon is made of durable plastic and can be easily modified with rails and other attachments that can be attached to the blaster.

This blaster also features a unique pump-action system that allows for quick loading and firing of the darts, making it a great choice for those who prefer fast action. In addition, the rear grip feels good in your hand and gives you more control over this blaster. With its 60-round capacity, you’ll have plenty of ammo for battle.


The ergonomics and overall design of the NERF Rival Hades are pretty exciting. The design, structure, and aesthetics are all geared toward providing the user with an exquisite blaster experience.

The Hades feels tremendous to hold, but that’s not all. The grip is very comfortable. Loading, firing, and ignition also work perfectly, and the weight is efficiently balanced when you hold it in your hand.

The efficiency of the Nerf Rival Hades

Overall, everything works normally, as it should. From the tactical rail to the trigger lock, similar to the other Rival blasters.

However, the Rival Hades is a huge Nerf blaster; it may even be bigger than any other blaster you know. Therefore, there may be better options for smaller kids.

Slam Fire

The Rival Hades has a single fire and a slam fire feature. Like many other Nerf blasters, the Rival Hades is a spring-powered pump-action blaster and belongs to the Phantom Corps category.

The Hades can hold about 60 rounds with its built-in magazine. It has almost the same shape, size, and features as the Rival Artemis.

For those who know how it works, it is usually considered a medium or large weapon. You would be familiarised with the NERF Rival Hades from this well-harnessed review.


One of the most important improvements to the Rival Hades is the increased magazine capacity. Unlike the Artemis, which has a 30-round magazine, the Rival Hades brings it up to 60 rounds.

Yes, you heard me right! A 60-round magazine! The internal magazine consists of three different magazines that look like tubes. Each of these magazines holds 20 rounds, for a total of 60 rounds.

One reason Hades is so big and heavy is because of the increased magazine capacity. The magazines in the Nerf Hades are all non-removable long tubes.

Opening the Hades magazines

On the top of the blaster is a slide that allows you to load the magazines. Slide this slider to gain access to the aftershock.

You will need to load each of the three magazine tubes individually. Loading should be easy but may take some time given the size of the blaster and the magazine capacity.

Lower-capacity blasters are easier to load than higher-capacity ones. It should be, especially considering that these other NERF blasters only have one magazine.

Loading can take some time, but it’s always worth it when you are done.


Firing is the real thrill of the Nerf Rival Battles, although the firing performance always depends on the specification of the NERF blaster.

With that in mind, it’s good to know that the NERF Rival Hades will always give you one of the best shooting experiences. Igniting and shooting with the Rival Hades is an exhilarating experience.


The priming handle is usually locked into position as soon as you prime, waiting for you to pull the firing trigger and shoot.

With the help of the nerf rival Phantom Corps Hades’ xviii 6000 blasters, priming is fun. The process is usually smooth and enjoyable, whether in a single mode or a slam fire mode.

Weapons blocking

In case your nerf gun jams, Hades is there for you. It has an unlock button on the side. With this button, you can unlock the handle, which will trigger the ignition if there is a problem with the jam.

If it makes you feel any better, jams are usually very rare. If you are smart with your Nerf guns, you’ll never have that problem with the Nerf Rival Hades.

Rotating barrels

There are also 4 smaller rotating barrels in the muzzle on the front of the blaster. These barrels will rotate every time you arm the gun.

This rotation helps you pull out the next round of magazines during rivalry rounds. This process makes for a smooth shooting experience, which is why you never experience jammed loads.

It’s good to know that of the four barrels, only one fires cartridges, namely the bottom barrel.

The others are there for aesthetic effect. Even though the other three barrels have no function, it is interesting to see how the barrels rotate when firing.

Firing speed

Unlike the rival Nemesis, the firing rate of the rival Hades is not that high. Some may fault Hades for its rate of fire, but it’s still fine if you ask me.

That’s because its accuracy makes up for its speed on the range, hitting the farthest targets with precision.

Plus, the speed is still quite high compared to most non-Rival nerf blasters, and you can compete with it quite efficiently.


  • High-Capacity Blaster
  • Easy-Load Integrated Magazine
  • Comes Packaged with Sixty High-Impact Rounds
  • Part of the Phantom Corps Sub-Series
  • Fires Rounds at 90 Feet Per Second
  • Lightweight Design for Maximum Mobility
  • Brand New


  • Expensive Price Tag
  • Requires Batteries to Operate
  • Rounds Can Jam in Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Nerf Rival Hades?

Nerf Rival Hades is enormous compared to other Nerf Blasters, with a 4 x 30 x 12 inches dimension. That’s a length of 30 inches, a height of 12 inches, and a width of 4 inches.

Why is my Nerf blaster not shooting as far as it used to?

The energy that is utilized during firing comes from the spring. Shooting power will be reduced if this spring becomes cracked or altered, leading to a shorter distance being covered.

How long is the Nerf rival Hades?

The length of the NERF Rival Hades XVIII 6000 blaster is approximately 25 inches (63.5 cm).

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Final Verdict

I love the Rival Hades much more than the Artemis Blaster. Although they have similar features, the Hades give the feeling of control and command. Also, the idea of shooting for a long time without running out of ammo is quite exquisite and an enjoyable experience.

Sometimes it’s a matter of choice, personal preference, and priorities, so you might prefer something else. Nevertheless, the Rival Hades is a great blaster that is perfectly structured to convey dominance and control.

The ergonomics are perfect, with red and blue flags to distinguish partners in Nerf games. Firing and firing is smooth and perfect, and the 60-round magazine renders the opponent helpless. The look and design are also exciting and quite intimidating for whoever you are up against.

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