NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500 Unboxed & Reviewed

The NERF Rival Kronos XVIII -500 is an outstanding blaster named after one of the youngest leaders of the Titans in the first generation, the father of Zeus. That’s a big name he carries!

The big question is, is he worth the hype surrounding the name? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out here. The NERF Rival Kronos Phantom Corps Edition features a five-round magazine and is easy to carry.

One of the main goals of the Kronos is to fill the void left by the Nerf Rival line of Nerf guns before it. Well, has it managed to do that? We’ll find out in this in-depth Nerf Rival Kronos review.

The NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500 Full Review

The Nerf Rival Kronos is an impressive spring-loaded pistol with an internal 5-round magazine and an intense rate of fire of 90 FPS. This makes it one of the strongest Nerf guns in its class.

It features a precise, smooth firing mechanism and is surprisingly powerful, making it a great choice for anyone looking to have a little fun with friends and family. The blaster is also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The easy-to-access controls make it easy to ignite and fire.

The Nerf Rival Kronos also features highly effective round “bullet” projectiles that fly farther and more accurately than traditional Nerf darts. With its powerful performance, ergonomic design, and ease of use, the Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII -500 is a great option for anyone looking for a fun and exciting Nerf blaster.

DesignSleek, minimalist design with a comfortable grip
Rounds capacityHolds up to 5 rounds at once
Ammo typeHigh-impact rounds
RangeUp to 90 feet (27 meters)
VelocityFires round at speeds up to 90 feet per second
Reload mechanismSpring-action priming
Tactical rails1 tactical rail for adding accessories
Magazine releaseQuick-release button for easy reloading
MaterialPlastic construction
Dimensions2.63 x 12.01 x 10.98 inches (6.68 x 30.5 x 27.9 cm)
Weight1.7 pounds (771 grams)


It is bigger than the normal NERF guns, but still suitable for teenagers. It is designed so that teenagers and adults can use it without any problem. It is quite comfortable with its well-structured and comfortable grip design.

The fact that it is a spring-operated pistol raises a lot of expectations. Previously, the Apollo was the entry point to the NERF Rival Range, but it did not have enough capacity to serve as a main blaster and was rarely used as a sidearm.

The Nerf Kronos is sized to fit in a holster and still has the Rival power and accuracy you need. The Kronos is a great addition to the Rival Range, especially when it fills the puzzle of size, power, and accuracy.


Underneath the butt is a team flag, with esthetics that hints at the composition of the product. Since this is a Phantom Corps edition, it is white with two flags.

You can choose one of the two flags to indicate your team, one is blue and the other is red, resulting in team blue and team red.

When you play with other players, you can use the colors of the flags to distinguish between the teams, with the blue team having the red flag and vice versa.

This flag coloring is fun when you are playing with multiple people and want to distinguish the members of your team from the others.


The Rival powered sidearm is another addition that sets the Kronos XVIII -500 apart from other blasters.

With the sidearm, it is possible to perform many activities, which makes the blaster even more interesting and fun. In addition, the design of the Rival is compact and fits comfortably in the hand.


The fun starts with a small orange flap on the top of the blaster. The five-shot spring-loaded blaster is loaded by opening this small orange flap.

To open the flap, the primer handle is pulled back slightly. Opening the flap allows you to load about five enemy rounds at a time.

Like all other spring-loaded blasters, the Kronos XVIII 500 has a tactical rail. With the help of the tactical rail, you can condition the Nerf Rival equipment.

The flap

After loading, the flap should be closed and the slide closed. With this, you are ready to shoot.

Although the Kronos does not have the slam-fire feature, its firing process makes up for it. It’s sleek and easier to use than any competing blaster.


For a better grip experience, the NERF Rival Kronos has some grips behind the slide. These small grips make it easier to hold the blaster.

In general, it’s really easy to use the NERF Rival Kronos. Also, it’s good to know that once you prime the blaster, you can not prime it again.


The most fun part, firing, is usually the highlight of any blaster experience. The Rival Kronos is spring-loaded, and firing is less powerful than you might expect.

Especially when compared to other blasters with similar power. Still, the Spring Action Blaster fires projectiles that rival those of other Nerf Rival blasters.

The Rival Kronos reaches about 90 fps, while blasters powered by similar batteries to the Rival Kronos reach about 100 fps. The Breech Load Blaster holds the ammo, which reduces lag.

However, this is only a small thing, especially considering that the N-Strike series only reaches 75 fps. The Kronos makes up for it by offering sidearm balance and decent firing capacity.

Aiming Accuracy

The whole point of a Nerf blaster is defeated if you can not hit your target. Well, maybe not completely, but you want to hit the targets.

With the Rival Rounds, you can hit your targets with higher accuracy than with their N-Strike counterparts.

The lack of a stock might make it a little more difficult to hit targets, but with a pistol, you should expect that.


It is difficult and sometimes impossible to recalibrate spring-loaded blasters before each shot, especially if the target needs to be lowered.

However, with the design and assembly of the Kronos Blasters’ firing mechanism, this is not much of a problem, especially if you know how to use the trigger lock.

Therefore, the accuracy is decent and as good as it can be for a spring-operated pistol, even though it may not be the most accurate of Nerf blasters.


The range of the Kronos is very similar to the N-Strike Blaster, although it shoots harder. But the better accuracy compared to the N-Strike blasters makes the range perfectly utilized and more effective.

If the range of the Kronos and the N-Strike Blaster are both 12 meters, the Kronos would still hit the target at 12 meters, while the N-Strike would reach that distance but would likely miss the target.

Safety considerations

It’s important to pay attention to safety with any type of toy blaster, and the Nerf Rival Kronos is no different. Right above the trigger is a safety switch that ensures you do not accidentally fire the blaster.

The ergonomic design of the blaster ensures that it fits snugly in your hand and does not slip out during use. Do not point the blaster at your face or anyone else’s, and always keep it away from people and animals when not in use.

Also, remember that you cannot cock the “gun” without first releasing the safety switch. With these safety considerations in mind, you can use the Nerf Rival Kronos with confidence!


  • Spring-Action Blaster
  • Loads 5 High-Impact Rounds
  • Sends Rounds Blasting at 90 Feet Per Second (27 Meters Per Second)
  • Trigger-Lock and Tactical Rail for Customization
  • Open Breech for Easy Loading and Priming with Handle
  • Includes Blaster, 5 Rounds, and Instructions
  • Available in Red or Blue Team Color Options


  • Not Suitable for Use by Children Under 8 Years of Age
  • Noisy When Firing
  • Not Suitable for Indoor Use Due to Loud Firing Sounds
  • May Require Additional Rounds to Be Purchased Separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the NERF Rival Kronos have slam fire?

No, the NERF Rival Kronos doesn’t have a slam fire.

Can kids under 14 use NERF blasters?

The recommended age for NERF users is usually age 14 and above. Anything other than that is not advisable.

How does Nerf Rival xviii-500 work?

The NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500 is a spring-powered blaster that uses a spring mechanism to propel rounds out of the barrel after loading the rounds into the magazine and priming the blaster.

Do rival bullets hurt?

The NERF Rival rounds can sting or cause discomfort when hit at close range or on sensitive areas, but they are designed to be safe for play when used properly.

What is the most accurate Nerf Rival gun?

The NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K and the NERF Rival Apollo XV-700 are often considered the most accurate NERF Rival blasters.

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Final verdict

Going through the Nerf Rival Kronos, almost everything is perfectly structured. From size to accuracy, to loading, to firing.

It also has a safety mechanism that allows a person to have a better experience. It may not be the best option, but it’s a top choice.

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