Experience High-Speed Fun with the Nerf Hyper Series Review: A Comprehensive Guide

The Nerf Hyper series is a collection of blasters that were introduced to the market for the first time in February 2021. These blasters were developed specifically for high-intensity, no-limits play. Nerf Hyper guns have a massive capacity for ammunition and a rapid rate of fire (110 ft. per second). The Hyper Series is all about high-octane NERF mayhem, and in contrast to the Rival range, which is designed for red vs. blue team play, the Hyper guns only come in a flashy yellow, grey, blue, and white color scheme. This contrasts the Rival range, designed for red vs. blue team play.

Please do not attempt to mix and match your ammo with rounds from the Rival series, even though the firearms in the Hyper range fire high-impact bullets. Do not load your old Rival ammunition into the integrated hoppers because Hyper high impact rounds are about half the size of Rival ammunition. 

Because the Hyper Series blasters have such rapid firing rates, Hasbro has mandated that users be at least 14 years old to purchase them. The company has included eye protection with each blaster.

What are the Different Blasters in the Nerf Hyper Series?

Nerf offers three Hyper blasters.

Nerf Hyper Rush-40

The Rush-40 is my favorite Hyper blaster, and I recommend it to all Nerf fans.

The Hyper Rush-40 is a spring-powered, single-fire blaster with 40 rounds, like the Rival Kronos. It’s a pistol-style blaster with tons of ammo.

The gravity-driven hopper-style magazine on top of the blaster loads Hyper Rounds. As you prime before shooting, this magazine moves.

The Hyper Rush-40 is a sleek, ergonomic weapon. Performance is great, and priming and fire are smooth.


  • Hyper Rush-40 is easy to handle and lightweight
  • Hyper Rush-40 offers a good range


  • Hyper Rush-40 may have accuracy issues due to its small size

Nerf Hypermach-100

The Mach-100 is a flywheel-powered blaster with a 100-round hopper magazine. The Rival Mach-100 equivalent is the Perses, which holds 50 rounds.

The Hyper Mach-100, like many fully automatic Nerf guns, isn’t ergonomic, but firing it is enjoyable. The hopper could be more efficient since rounds don’t flow smoothly to the front. Shaking helps keep firing.

The Hyper Mach-100 uses 6 D batteries and does not have a rechargeable battery pack like the Perseus.


  • Hyper Mach 100 has a higher rate of fire
  • Hyper Mach 100 can fire TPE rounds for greater accuracy
  • Hyper Mach 100 has tactical rails for customizing with accessories


  • Hyper Mach 100 pump action may be difficult to use, especially for younger players.

Nerf Hypersiege-50

The Nerf Hyper Siege-50 is a pump-action blaster with slam fire and a 50-round hopper.

The shooting mechanism is awkward and wasteful, making this my least favorite Nerf Hyper blaster. The single-firing system works well but lacks joy, and the slam-fire option adds little value.

However, its design and shooting velocity make it a cool blaster.


  • 50 Round Capacity Hopper
  • Pump-action Fun
  • Slam-Fire Blaster
  • Shaped for Running
  • Easy Reload
  • Up to 110 FPS Velocity
  • Includes 40 Nerf Hyper Rounds
  • Durable Construction
  • Comes with Safety Eyewear


  • May be Too Loud for Some People
  • May be Too Powerful for Indoor Use in Some Cases

Nerf Hyper Range Test

BlasterDistance (flat)Distance (angled)
Rush-4045-60 ft135-140 ft
Rival Kronos60-65 ft80-110 ft
Siege-5040-55 ft120-155 ft
DZ Conquest Pro60-70 ft120-145 ft
Mach-10045-80 ft80-135 ft

Note: The actual range of each blaster may vary based on various factors such as environment, shooting conditions, and more.

Advantages of Utilizing the Nerf Hyper Series Blaster

Compared to nerf guns and hyper guns, blasters and hyper guns have the upper hand. They offer advantages that no other firearms do, such as increased precision and power, and these advantages cannot be found in any other guns. We have looked at various advantages; now, let’s discuss them.


Because these Nerf Hyper guns shoot balls rather than darts, the balls they fire go a great distance and have a significantly greater collision force than the darts they fire. It indicates that you can easily hit the target from a considerable distance.

The shooting power of these guns is far greater than that of the competitor series blasters, and they fire high-impact bullets. The durability of these firearms has earned them a well-deserved reputation.


The ball launchers that allow shooting have far higher precision than the other nerf weapons. You are going to be successful in hitting your goal dead on. You no longer have to be concerned about how you will be able to hit your target if it is located at a great distance. This is by far the most significant improvement that has been made to the Hyper weapons.


The magazine that comes with the Nerf Hyper refill may hold more balls than the standard magazine. This indicates that you can handle the best way to reload them while playing the game.

These nerf firearms have faster reload times than their counterparts. Because of this, you won’t need to worry about your ammunition running out as quickly, so you can play the game for much longer.

Great Experience

If you search for weapons with great performance and a longer range, your best option is the Nerf Hyper Series. They can produce approximately one hundred fires per second at their highest capacity. Compared to Nerf Elite Guns, these are the fastest guns available, and you can strike the target with pinpoint precision.

Long Range

Long-range shooting is possible with hyper firearms. Rubber bullets can impact targets that are between 65 and 70 feet away. It is astounding that someone can fire these hyper rounds at an angle of 45 degrees and cover a distance of roughly 135 to 140 feet with them.

Accessories for your Nerf Hyper Blasters

When playing Nerf Battle, it is strongly recommended that you use Nerf accessories. You need to have safety, you need extra darts, and it has a lot of other benefits.

1. Nerf Hyper Round

The Nerf Hyper Series blasters fire rubber balls rather than darts, which is why the rubber balls’ ammunition is referred to as Hyper Rounds rather than darts. They are more remarkable than the rounds played by their competitors. On the other hand, Hyper rounds are constructed out of a dense rubber than Rival Rounds, which are formed of foams.

Because of their high bouncing ability and diminutive size, these rubber bullets are prone to be misplaced. In addition to the hyper rounds included in the bundle, you may purchase additional rounds to have enough ammo amid the nerf battle.

2. Nerf Safety Glasses

Protecting your eyes with Nerf safety glasses is a good idea when using hyper blasters because hyper rounds can cause damage to your eyes if they are fired directly at them. The welfare of their child’s health is the parents’ first concern. While playing war games or even practicing, you need to wear Nerf goggles.

3. Nerf Hyper Facemask 

A player’s safety should always come first when using hyper blasters, a hyper facemask is one of the vital accessories that must be worn when using these weapons. These masks provide full-face protection against flying hyper rounds and come with a design that makes it easier to breathe through the mask.

You are required to wear this face mask for protection if you engage in activities involving large-scale Nerf battles. This is far better than a regular pair of Nerf safety glasses, and it will protect your eyes and your face from fast-moving rubber rounds.

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Final Verdict

There is a nerf hyper blaster for every blaster lover and circumstance. The bullets and blaster are meticulously developed for the best performance.

They’re great for indoor games and more demanding outdoorsy situations. Hyper blasters can cause damage, so don’t shoot small animals or passersby. Hurt no one for fun.

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