A Comprehensive Review of the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set

As a cherished pastime for children and adults alike, laser tag has certainly come a long way. With technology making vast strides, the game has been transformed from a complex setup requiring a dedicated arena, to a fun and easy at-home activity. A perfect example of this progression is the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set.

The Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set is an all-inclusive package, tailor-made for those seeking a slice of the laser tag excitement in the comfort of their own backyard. It is a product that merges the thrill of laser tag with a design that caters to a younger audience. This Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set Review is aimed at exploring the facets of this popular playset.

Whether you’re a parent looking for an exciting new game for your kids, or a Nerf blaster enthusiast eager to explore other similar realms, this set could be a perfect addition to your arsenal. Let’s delve to understand what makes this laser tag set stand out in the increasingly crowded market.

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set Features

Number of Pieces4 Laser Tag Guns and 4 Vests
Gun Modes4 Modes (Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Rocket)
DesignErgonomic design, suitable for kids
Sound and Light EffectsEngaging and realistic
RangeUp to 130 feet
AccuracyHigh accuracy, dependent on mode selected
SafetyInfrared technology, safe for children
Power SourceBattery operated (batteries not included)
Age RecommendationSuitable for ages 8 and up
DurabilityDurable construction designed for active play

Package Components

The Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set is a well-rounded package designed to deliver a thrilling laser tag experience at home. It combines gameplay elements with technological sophistication, promising an engaging and interactive experience.

This set comprises four color-coded laser tag guns and corresponding vests. This allows up to four players to participate in the game simultaneously, creating a dynamic and exciting environment.

Gun Modes

The laser guns offer four distinct modes – Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, and Rocket. Each mode presents unique characteristics, including different ammunition capacities, reload times, and hit impact. This diversification introduces an element of strategy to the game and allows players to customize their gameplay. The ease of switching between modes ensures that even the youngest players can adapt quickly.

Design and Durability

The design elements of the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set are praiseworthy. The guns feature an ergonomic design suitable for younger hands, ensuring a comfortable grip during long play sessions.

The robust construction of the guns and vests suggests a high durability quotient, capable of withstanding active, energetic play. The vibrant and futuristic aesthetics are sure to capture the imagination of kids, adding to the overall appeal of the set.

Sound and Light Effects

The Kidzlane set is equipped with immersive sound and light effects that augment the gameplay. The guns produce varying sounds based on the mode selected, and the vests light up when hit, creating a gratifying and interactive play experience.

Range and Accuracy

The range and accuracy of the Kidzlane guns are commendable. Capable of tagging an opponent up to 130 feet away, the guns offer ample range for most indoor and outdoor environments.

The guns also demonstrate a high degree of accuracy, ensuring a fair and engaging game. However, it’s important to remember that the accuracy can vary depending on the chosen gun mode, with some modes sacrificing pinpoint accuracy for a wider infrared spread.

Durability and Power Consumption Efficiency

The Kidzlane Multi-Function Laser Tag Set 4-Pack is a durable and efficient set that has overwhelmingly positive reviews from buyers. The laser blasters are durable and use power efficiently so there’s no need to recharge them mid-game.

The durability and power consumption efficiency of the set is a big positive which assures buyers that they won’t have to regret their purchase. This makes it one of the best laser tag set models for both indoor and outdoor settings. It has a long shooting range of up to 130 feet, multi-player capability, and realistic sound effects, making it a great choice for a memorable birthday party, family reunion, or vacation.

User Experience

Setup Process

Setting up the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set is a breeze, even for the most technologically challenged. Each gun requires batteries to operate, and once these are installed, the guns are ready for action. The vests automatically sync with their corresponding guns, eliminating the need for complex pairing processes.

Ease of Use

In terms of user-friendliness, the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set is designed with children in mind. The buttons are easily accessible and clearly marked, allowing kids to switch modes, reload, and navigate the gameplay with ease. The simple instructions provided with the set make it easy for children to understand the game’s mechanics, making it possible for them to start playing almost immediately after setup.

Comfort and Fit of the Vests

When it comes to comfort, the vests in the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set have been thoughtfully designed. They are adjustable to fit a variety of body sizes and shapes, ensuring that players of all ages can enjoy the game. Moreover, the vests are lightweight and made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of active play without compromising comfort.

Overall Gaming Experience

The overall gaming experience offered by the Kidzlane set is impressive. The responsiveness of the equipment is instantaneous, with the vests registering hits accurately and the guns responding effectively to mode changes and reload commands.

This immediate feedback enhances the excitement and engagement of the game, making the experience both immersive and enjoyable. The combination of sound and light effects further adds to the authenticity of the gaming experience, truly making the players feel like they are part of a thrilling laser tag adventure.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set is no exception.


  1. Easy to Set Up: The straightforward setup process is a major advantage, allowing players to start the game quickly.
  2. User-Friendly: The guns are designed with kids in mind, with easily accessible and clearly marked buttons.
  3. Comfortable Vests: Adjustable and lightweight, the vests are designed for comfort during extended play.
  4. Engaging Gameplay: The different gun modes, coupled with sound and light effects, provide an immersive and fun gaming experience.
  5. Good Range and Accuracy: The guns offer a substantial range and a high level of accuracy, ensuring fair and engaging gameplay.


  1. Batteries Not Included: The requirement of batteries, which are not included in the set, could be seen as a disadvantage.
  2. Limited Number of Players: The set includes equipment for only four players, which may limit the game to larger groups.
  3. Durability Concerns: Although the guns and vests are designed to be durable, the rough play could potentially affect their longevity.

Comparison with Other Similar Products

Comparing the Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set to other popular laser tag sets on the market reveals how this product stacks up in terms of features, user experience, safety, and value for money.

Features: Unlike some sets, Kidzlane offers four distinct gun modes, enhancing the strategic element of gameplay. Additionally, the inclusion of vests in the set is not always a given in other products.

User Experience: The Kidzlane set scores highly in this department. Its ease of setup, user-friendly design, and comfortable vests make it a top choice for children and parents alike.

Safety: The Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set uses infrared technology, which is safe for children. This is a common safety feature in most laser tag sets.

Value for Money: Considering the quality of the components, the variety of features, and the overall user experience, the Kidzlane set offers good value for money. While there may be cheaper alternatives available, they may not provide the same level of engagement or quality.

Final Verdict

The Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set is an engaging, user-friendly, and safe option for families and friends seeking an immersive laser tag experience at home. The variety of gun modes, coupled with the responsive and comfortable vests, provides a game that is both entertaining and strategic.

This set would be most beneficial to families with children aged 8 and above, groups of friends looking for a fun backyard activity, or even adults who are young at heart. It’s a fitting choice for those desiring the thrill of laser tag without the need for a dedicated commercial arena.

Throughout this review, we’ve delved into the various features of the Kidzlane set, including its design, range, accuracy, and user experience. Despite a few minor shortcomings, it presents a strong choice in the laser tag market.

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